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Abstract Deadline: August 28, 2018.
Extended Abstract Submission

An extended abstract is submitted by the deadline following the template provided on the ISOT 2018 website. Every participant may choose the type of publications, whether in poster or oral. At least one of the authors must register for the abstracts to be included in the proceedings.
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  Optical metrology
  Optical imaging/interferometry
  Optical fiber sensors
  Polarization sensing and imaging
  Laser-based sensors
  Optical sensors on robotics autonomous vehicles and other applications
  Optomechatronics for sensing and imaging
  Micro optoelectro mechanical systems
  Optical inspection for industry
  Adaptive optics
  Visual motion tracking and control
  Biomedical applications
  Vision-based monitoring and control
  Optical manipulation and tweezers and their applications
  Material laser processing
  Actuators based on optics and optomechatronics
  3D processing, 3D fabrication and 3D printer
  Thin film technology
  Solar cell

  Special Session 1: Polarization technology
  Special Session 2: Optical Micro- and Nano-manipulation which includes Trapping and Levitation of Micro-particles
  Special Session 3: Sensors based on the use of lasers and fiber optics

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